Professionalism. Understanding. Results.

Brief History

Blue Sky physiotherapy has humble beginnings, commencing operation from a small room at the Torquay Pharmacy in 2016. We set about connecting with the community with a series of ongoing activities including community talks, volunteering our time, fundraising for charity groups and club sponsorship.

The development of my clinical skills over the past 13 years has been skewed toward the musculoskeletal & sports physiotherapy / private practice area. Although, my clinical experience has developed in a range of settings including:

  • Senior Primary Contact Advanced Practice Emergency Department Physiotherapist (University Hospital Geelong Emergency Department, Barwon Health)
  • Quay Family Healthcare Medical Centre (Torquay)
  • Tristar Medical Centres (Torquay & Grovedale)
  • Corio Bay Sports Medicine (Geelong, Torquay & Ocean Grove)
  • West Australian Ballet Company
  • WA State Basketball League teams (Geraldton & Bunbury)
  • Grovedale Football Club (Geelong Football League)
  • Chapman Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre (Geraldton WA)
  • Community based work with NDIS participants (United Health)
  • Aged Care Physiotherapist (Vivir Healthcare)
  • Geraldton Regional Hospital (WA)
  • Geelong Private Hospital
  • St John of God Hospital (Geelong)

In 2018 we moved into the Quay Family Healthcare Clinic. Blue Sky Physiotherapy is now located in Torquay, Ocean Grove and Armstrong Creek with a wider network of various health providers throughout the region.

My Passion

Since an early age, I have been interested in understanding living things at a fundamental level. This lead me to study Environmental Biology (B.Sc Env Bio) and took me on adventures through northern Australia and Asia. For 7 years I was deeply involved in the Pearl Culture Industry, based in Broome, Western Australia.

My main role there was to perfect the art of ‘Pearl Seeding’ performing a surgical procedure on pearl oysters to create big, beautiful and perfect pearls. I became a Vessel Master and Commercial Diver. Diving with sharks, saltwater crocodiles and the notorious irukandji jellyfish, sometimes in zero visibility, was all in a regular days work.

In 2005 I turned my attention to Physiotherapy, where I received multiple letters of commendation for academic excellence and won the prize for top Anatomy Student. A decade later I created Blue Sky Physiotherapy and bring these skills/services to the people of the Surf Coast and Geelong.

Aubrey working in the Pearl Culture Industry.

Aubrey Pearl Seeding

A collection of raw pearls.

My Commitment

We respect that special moment when our client tells their story. We seek to understand and find the fundamental nature of the person’s dilemma. This is the diagnostic process; finding the essence of the problem. We then set about solving that problem.

Aubrey Francis

Founder & Principal Physiotherapist

My patient’s challenges come in many forms, we watch, listen and always act with the comfort of you in mind, often these challenges include:

  • Need a helping hand to prepare for a marathon.
  • Unable to sleep due to raging neck pain.
  • Splitting headaches that linger all day.
  • A torn muscle that needs to be ready for the finals only 4 weeks away.
  • Vertigo that renders the person unable to function.
  • Unable to dress due to back pain with muscle spasm.
  • A debilitating hip pain that comes on after walking only 100 metres.
  • Unrelenting sciatic leg pain, only understood by those who have experienced nerve pain.
  • Difficulty opening one’s mouth, unable to bite into an apple.

We approach every issue with an open mind, but will always commit to do our best to help you achieve your goals. Each patient depending on the issue will have the following key points applied to their case.

Working with the community

We spend a great deal of time donating our expertise and clinical knowledge to help sporting clubs and business organisations in high performance settings.

Healthy organisations I have worked with: